Night vision

Easy.  At the beginning, that’s what this was.  Words flowed.  Ideas formed, clamoring for voices, pushing, squeezing, sneaking through the crush to stand most forward in the spotlight of my mind.  Fighting not to be forgotten, but instead shouted from this high platform of pixels (which evokes a tower built of legos in my mind, but truly more resembles a Jenga tower with many players attempting always to place their block at the precarious pinnacle with no care for a sturdy build or balance). Thoughts shared in hopes of the shares or likes or comments that  measure value in this digital age.  Perhaps instead I should write down my wayward musings using paper and ink and toss them out the window.  Wouldn’t it be a wonder if they should return to me from some other human’s media connection? 


One thought on “Shadow flight of paper planes

  1. As always, love your metaphors, similes and comparisons. You live in a perfect place to shoot off those paper airplane ideas!


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