Actors may change their voice to play a role.  A parent reading a story to their child may adopt many voices, personifying the players in the tale.  Voice actors exist, whose profession it is to become characters based solely on the sound they choose and the inflection they use.  Daily we may find our voice changing to match changes in situation; I myself have been accused of becoming saccharine sweet to answer a phone call at my job, years ago they taught me there to put on a smile, that a smile can be heard, and over the years I think i have developed an interpretation of what a fake smile sounds like.  It will gift cavities.

If we change the way we sound based on situation, does it not follow that once, long ago, each iteration we can create with our vocal chords could have become the one we believe to be our own true voice?  Perhaps it is a choice, made quietly in the background of our lives, long ago, THIS is the voice that shall be recognized as mine.

sound or sight

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