Heroes.  In reality, those who conquer adversity, often quietly, who may not be known or remembered, whose deeds may not measure up on a grand scale.  Perhaps a hero only to one, or a few.  So entrenched are we in the idea of a hero as an icon, as superhuman, that we forget the everyday heroes.

Those super humans of our imaginations though are so much simpler to corrupt.  Power, boredom, ego.  This seems to be the recipe, not for a hero, but for a villain, what are villains really though but heroes whose tragic story (and there always is one) twisted them, who had no villain of their own to counter, no great principal to fight for.  What are villains but potential heroes who were instead called to fill the necessary counter role so that a hero could be formed?  “Villains” both real and imaginary should believe wholeheartedly in the rightness of their actions, humans are not, in general, evil simply for the sake of being so.



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